Why Choose “Chinese Tea Leaves”

We are committed to offering our clients superior tasting teas from the top tea gardens located in the core production areas. We strive to maintain a high level of service and support, and we’ll continue extending and improving our support to make your onboarding process easy and hassle free. Our high product quality, low minimum order quantity and competitive prices will make running your tea business a lot more profitable. Sourcing from Chinese Tealeaves will give you many advantages on expanding your business and increasing your customer base.

Place of Origin

China is the birthplace of tea. There are thousands of tea production areas which are widely distributed throughout China. Sourcing from Chinese Tealeaves can ensure that the teas you’re sourcing and serving are in high quality and originated from the core production areas.

We only source our teas from the places of origin. We want to ensure that every cup tastes the same as it would if it were brewed on the same day when the tea was picked. We’re proud to serve our teas and want to make you proud too, when you serve them.


Top Chinese tea leaves are generally handmade by experienced tea masters with ancient folk traditional Chinese tea-making craftsmanship. The handmade tea has much more pleasant aroma with more long-lasting sweet aftertaste.

Every year our tea leaves are sought after by tea connoisseurs from all over the world, and they’ve been recognized as great festival gifts for friends, relatives, employees, customers, clients and business partners.

Quality Assurance

skin-why-choose-ttg-03Quality Assurance is an important focus area at Chinese Tealeaves. By applying Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and HACCP systems, we are able to offer our customers improved products and service. Chinese Tealeaves was ISO9001:2000 certified and has been annually assessed for compliance to the standards.

Supply Chain

skin-why-choose-ttg-04We provide confidence with our rigorous and carefully controlled supply chain throughout the whole procedures spanning from tea planting & research, picking, production, warehousing, order handling, logistics, tracking, service & support, client surveys, and to improvements, etc. Our well-managed supply chain system will ensure that we can respond to your personalized needs at any time.

Lower Cost

skin-why-choose-ttg-05Our wholesale service is designed to help customers to lower cost and create more value. The wholesale prices have great discounts and we accept wholesale orders starting from 1kg!

We deliver all our tea in vacuum packs, so you don’t need to worry about storage. Small order quantity means your finances are also not held up for longer periods.

We say NO to hidden fees! Any cost details are clearly listed on the Commercial Invoice for your review and confirmation before making the payment.


skin-why-choose-ttg-06The minimum order size is small and flexible. The MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 1kg PER tea type, or 5kgs in combination of ANY tea types. You can choose different varieties of teas in order to bring the total order up to 5kgs. Now you no longer need to maintain huge stock and hold up your capital!